Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Rula Experience

I think this was extremely helpful - I really was ignorant of alot of these interactive aspects of the web. I listen to podcasts regularly, and knew about Facebook, Myspace and Youtube, but was ignorant of alot of the other things. I plane to use google documents at work. I think the social bookmarks might also be useful for at work. Anything that others can see, add to, or comment on is much better than emails with attachments sent back and forth amongst staff. I will use LibX on my home computer, and continue to enjoy Youtube. Thank you to everyone who brought this to Ryerson. It changed the way I use the web.


Found a cute library-related animation short on Youtube
I have visited Youtube alot prior to this Rula assigment. There is nothing I particularly like or dislike about Youtube - I find it easy to navigate. I composer friend of mine posts videos for all her recent songs there> I have created a Myspace page for her and imbeded Youtube videos in it (it is currently down, while we decide which songs we want posted) I cannot think right now of any features of Youtube that might be useful in a library website.


This was an easy assignment. I have already listened to podasts for about 2 years - all from itunes. Mostly shows from the BBC and New York Public Radio. I love the fact they are free. I am really tired of CBC for talk radio/documentaries -it is great to have alternatives. The next step is getting a radio/ipod dock with speakers so I can listen to radio shows from around the world without headphones.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Browser Extensions (LibX)

I think Libx is a terrific tool - I told the student Night Assistants about it just now. It is a real time saver. I am going to explore it more.


I think Google Docs will be VERY useful in my work environment. I get tired of emails back and forth. We have alot of procedures, and staff are asked for their input. Having one document all can edit and view would we terrific.
I created a google map and sent it to my group - very easy. I tend to use Mapquest myself - it is very similar to google maps.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Library Thing

I like this - perfect site to explore when you just want to do casual web surfing. Will explore it more later - I think tags matching LC subject heading would be useful, but more personal idiosycratic ones might be interesting

Friday, March 13, 2009

Social Bookmarking

I think I am going to use this a great deal. Social bookmarking allows me to store my bookmarks from any computer in the world. I can see libraries using it for research guides.